Sunday, February 07, 2010

Look who's...

FOUR!! Happy Birthday, sweet Esther! She got to pick out a new toy at Snap-doodle Toys so she picked a "dactyl".

And now to introduce our newest family member: Ollie! He is a 3 month old boxer/ dober-man/ terrier/ hound? mix. He is a big boy, and so sweet. Gene has waited 15 years to get a dog (patient isn't he?).
Fun at Chuck E. Cheese's.
Look at that face.

Our cat, Sydney, isn't very sure about Ollie yet. He usually hisses at him and sometimes charges towards him. Ollie so wants to play with Sydney.

Using Ollie's crate as a hideout.
Getting Ollie used to taking walks.

Playing with Ollie using the cat's toy. I don't think Sydney was pleased.

Teacher Kathy had a teddy bear picnic at her house for class one day last week. The kids had a blast. There was lots to do with the doll house being a favorite.
Eating her birthday cake from Nana Marilyn.

A new dinosaur from Nana and Papa Blakefield.
Chillin' in the dog bed. Notice E's toys strewn around... she likes to bring Ollie her toys to "play" with. She doesn't quite understand that he will chew them to pieces.
Wow, the puppy looks huge in this picture!