Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Summer fun.

Esther is in love with the Space Needle, ever since her daddy showed her a picture of it. She thinks it's a giant robot. Gene's new job is just blocks away, so we decided to pretend we were tourists for a few hours.

The Space Needle took a back seat as soon as E saw the carnival rides.

The two cuties waiting for Daddy to get home.

"Is that him?"
We had some great visits with family this weekend. First was Nana and cousins Sierra and Nikkie. They watched E while Gene and I went out on the town for our anniversary. Then was cousin Bela for a night. The weather cooperated so the kids were able to swim.

Bathing beauties.

Esther learned that if she splashes her cousin, he will most likely splash her back.

Which sometimes she liked...and sometimes she didn't.