Wednesday, August 31, 2011

We all survived the first day of kindergarten! (Oh, and we also got another dog.)

     Once again I'm kicking myself for not updating the blog more often.  So many pictures, so much going on. 
     Esther is in her second swim class, which is actually the beginner class again, because she refuses to put her head in the water.  And I'm pretty sure she won't pass this one either.  I asked the instructor what the record is for retaking this one over and over.  He said we have a ways to go...the most he's had to "fail" a kid is five times.  We may beat that record!  Actually, Gene and I decided we're going to wait until E feels comfortable enough with putting her face in the water before we put her in another swim class. 
    Esther was so excited for school to start.  We got to meet her teacher, Mrs. Menon, at the ice cream social on Monday.  She seems very nice...but I would hope anyone who wants to teach kindergartners would be. With barely a goodbye, E hopped on the bus and was off.  It was a bus just for the K class.  I thought it was pretty cool that her principle was on it, too.  We actually did drive to the school, where we planned to spy on her and make sure she got off intact, but since we made it there way before the bus, we decided to drop off Mrs. Menon's present and scram.  She made it there and back safe and sound.  She had a great time, which I knew she would.
    Mrs. Menon uses "uh oh" notes if the kids have done something to warrant a note home, and I have a feeling we maybe getting a lot of these!  Esther is very social and loves being the class clown which may get her into trouble.  Maybe I'll be pleasantly surprised. 
     So we will start with photos of the new dog, because that's how they uploaded and I'm too lazy to rearrange them.  Her name is Frank(or Frankie as I call her).  Frank and Ollie are named after two old Disney animators, can you tell who named them?
Lots of dog rough-housing going on at our condo now.

Looks like Ollie is flying.

Sweet Frankie.

She has a soft, wrinkly face.  The spot on her head Gene likes to refer to as her poo stain.

Love little E's hand on Frankie.
Finally a dog that gives kisses.  Maybe a little too many kisses!  Ha!

They look so innocent and mellow.

Ollie makes a good pillow for Esther while she's playing her DS.
Esther and her newest pup.
Uh oh, playtime has arrived.

Now it's time to rest.

She is ugly-cute!

Our "vicious" dogs.  Look at those teeth.
Most of the time, they are pretty gentle with each other. Every once in a while you'll hear a yip and Frankie gets pretty vocal which can sound scary, but they always have a good time.

Little Miss E loves her legos.

And her new robot parts from Grandpa Neil and Grandma Suzi.  She had her dad and I make her a robot family.
We scored on E's new Spiderman pjs.  
OK, finally to the first day of school!  I found this robot backpack on line. 

Esther picked out this shirt.  Love this pose!

Waiting for the bus.

First school bus ride all by herself!  She was so excited!

Mom and Dad waiting for the bus at the end of the school day.