Thursday, April 24, 2008

My little Houdini

Recently, it seems half the time I get Esther up in the morning or from a nap, I find her naked...completely stark naked. I've tried everything to at least keep a diaper on her. I've tried putting the diaper on backwards so she can't undo the tabs. I've tried putting onesies on underneath her pajamas. I've tried different kind of no avail. Our girl is too smart for me. Most of the time she's soaking wet as well (luckily that's all she is). Do you know where I can purchase a straight-jacket? Or maybe I could try duct taping her diaper to her.
"Look, Mom, the sun's out."

Esther let me dress her in her tutu. She wore it for a little while....

...but then wanted it off.

We visited with Jen, Adam and Ivy this weekend. Ivy has a big girl bed, and Esther decided she liked it. As you can see, she made herself at home.
Ivy and Esther both love "Choo Choo Soul"! Here they are watching one of the videos.
Who needs water to enjoy a bath?

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Crafts are fun. (Right, Gene?!)

This past Friday, we headed to craft night at our church. Gene vowed that if they brought out fake leather wallets and made us sew them together, we were leaving. Gene's not such a big fan of "crafts". However, he did have fun when he saw Esther enjoying herself. It was a tie between who had more fun, Esther or I (or is it Esther and me?). I was in craft bliss...playing with beads, paints and sand and not having to clean it up!

Critiquing her handiwork.

Saturday was gloriously sunny. So we headed to the very packed downtown Kirkland to explore.
Esther wasn't too sure about getting her feet wet. Maybe it had something to do with all the duck poop.

"Ewww. Look Mom."
E kept stealing balls from poor defenseless children. We had to "help" her give them back.
She loves little boys.
Our future soccer player. Again, she took another little boy's ball, but he was very patient with Esther (and very interested in Gene's tattoos).

My dad and his wife made it back safe and sound from their trip abroad. And brought back this cute fairy princess outfit for Esther. OK, so I put it on over her PJs, but it still looks really cute.

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Wow, I guess it's time to update the blog.

Anything that involves dirt is always fun.

Esther helped Mommy replant some flowers. Sydney, the cat, supervised (like always).
After I put Esther down for a nap, this is what I found. They were staring longingly out at our deck.
Soup is good.
E's figured out that Sydney will chase her if she has rope or string.
Esther loves jumping and thinks the trampoline is the best thing ever. So we caught her on video. We've also found in the last few weeks, Esther can't say certain words without making them sound like she's swearing. It is very adolescent of us to laugh at this and I would like to blame it all on Gene, but I have to admit I find this just as funny as he does. We don't swear in our house, I promise. Well, except for the occasional one that has slipped out in times of pain or distress but they aren't as shocking as the one Esther says for "funky", "fork", and "frog". If you need help figuring out which word she replaces these with, it starts with an f and has four letters. Still confused? Watch and learn.