Sunday, July 04, 2010

Happy 4th of July!

We've been enjoying our liquid summer, but if and when the sun breaks through, we try to take advantage of it. Going to the beach, to the dog park, to preschool play dates, and swimming (well, at least we will do more swimming now that the heater in the pool has been fixed).
I love the Pacific Northwest for all it's great lakes and beaches. Esther loves the ocean beach because she can find crab shells.

Ollie likes the beach, too. He'd like it better if he could go off-leash.

Trying to hide from Dad and the camera, but not succeeding very well.
We attended a family reunion a couple weekends ago, and E had a blast. All her cousins are 12 and over and really seemed to love having her tag along. I think she thought she was as old as they were. Ollie is very protective of Esther, and would check in with her periodically.
The cousins, minus Chrissy. (L-R: Mandy, John, Sierra, Nikkie, Robby, Johnny, E, and Tommy.)

Our cheap version of a robot.