Thursday, January 06, 2011

Happy New Year and oh, yeah, Merry Christmas!

I realized I never posted any Christmas photos...oops.  So here ya go:

Esther loves laying in Ollie's "egg" which is what she calls his bed.  Ollie doesn't mind as long as he can sleep on her.

This year I made some melted snowman cookies, which turned out cute but pretty time consuming.  I have to admit I didn't finish all of them.

Santa got an unfinished snowman cookie and a shot of milk.

This year Santa brought E "Stinky" the garbage truck.  She added the googly eyes.  She's been adding googly eyes to a lot of things these days:  the TV, the fire place, the couch.

"What's back here?"

Cousin Chrissy and Nana Marilyn came for a visit and Esther was enthralled with Chrissy's makeup.  E wasn't to keen  on having it put on her face, but she was more than happy to put it on Chrissy.