Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Spring Happenings!

Only one more month of school and then it's summer break.  I should probably figure out plans to keep Esther occupied.
After a rocky start to the school year, the rest has been pretty much smooth sailing.  I've even got some nice texts from E's teacher saying how much she really enjoys having Esther in class.  As a parent, that is really nice to hear.
Esther had her annual exam with her doctor and she may need glasses.  We have a referral to a pediatric eye doctor.  I could have sworn her hearing was bad, too, the way she just doesn't seem to hear me when I'm talking.  Maybe I was hoping that was the case, but alas my little girl has excellent hearing.  So I guess she chooses not to hear me; I am the teacher in Charlie Brown.  I refuse to believe it's because I mumble, which is Gene's theory.
So spring has sprung, and we have finally had some nice weather to enjoy our grill.
Here is my sweet hubby making dinner like a boss:

"What?  That braut isn't for me?"

"Smells nummy!"
"Dad's behind me, being weird, isn't he?"

"I knew it!"

Kenmore Elementary had a Spring Carnival this past weekend.  And Esther had a blast!  We met up with Brookelynn and the girls played and played.  Each game was one ticket and each game they won something.

Waiting for the wagon ride.

The tractor finally arrived.

Now off to the bouncy slide.

Tattoo time.

Eating her candy bracelet. Joy!

Helping Mommy quilt.
Here is my latest quilt and it is for Gene and I!!