Tuesday, September 14, 2010

I know, I know...

It's been forever since I posted anything. I'll try to do better. Really I will.

So summer is over and preschool started again. Esther is now in pre-k (wow, one more year 'til kindergarten). This year her class doesn't start until 12 noon (yay!), so she and I are much more awake and less grumpy.

This summer we spent time at the dog park everyday. Pretty sure it will continue this fall and winter. Really it's selfish on my part, Ollie and Esther get tired out, and Mommy gets serenity at home. Ollie loves the dog park. He loves all dogs...though he doesn't always know how to play with the little ones. E has two new girlfriends(3 1/2 and 5 1/2 yrs old) who come along with their mom and dog, Lola. Lola and Ollie are best friends. They are very cute to watch. I really get along with the mom, too, so it's a win-win-win situation.

Here's E's Lego interpretation of Ollie.

Ollie really puts up with a lot. Good thing we don't have a tiny dog.

What a good boy!
Fun at the Clallam County Fair. Don't we look so excited?

Looking older than her years. (Wearing her snake as a scarf.)

Wow, she grew!
After all the noise and craziness of the carnival rides, it was very nice to take a little break. E loves pony rides. Reminds me of Cousin Halie.

We found out that E doesn't like up and down rides. She doesn't like the feeling in her stomach, but she sure likes the cars.

No, it's not panic. Just pure joy.
Esther won a goldfish at the fair, but it died on the ride home. It may have got a little man-handled by someone. So we bought her a Betta, that she named Fishy.

Sydney liked him, too. On a sad note, Fishy got sick...not sure why and he died. And no it wasn't due to the cat or Esther. We will probably get another one sometime.

First day of preschool. E was very excited to see Teacher Kathy again, though it's hard to tell from her stoic expression.
Esther was so happy to be back she bounced around from activity to activity. She had to do everything and super fast.