Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Our budding artist

Esther hasn't really been into drawing lately. I think it's because she is such a perfection-ist that when what she sees in her mind doesn't make it to the page, it frustrates her. But this morning was different. It was neat to see her creations.

This is Daddy...with his standard smirk (hee hee).

This is Mommy. I think I'm looking a little tired and have a bad case of bed hair.
The letter E.

A car.
This is Esther's first attempt at writing her name. She got the E, P (for R), H, and t.
Chilling with the dog.
May flowers from Esther to me.

My little helper. She loves mopping the floor.
Our mantle. Apparent-ly E thought it needed something more.
Fun by the lake. So much for trying to keep her feet dry; boots don't help much when you wade out deeper than the boots are high.

Jumping for joy.

A girl and her dog.