Tuesday, October 30, 2007

I love autumn!

I always have...and now it's even better experiencing it with Esther. The cool crisp air, the bright leaves falling all around, the wind that takes our breath away...so much to enjoy!

Swingin' on a beautiful chilly afternoon: (A well-placed kick might just ruin some one's day.)

"Better watch out, Daddy!"
"Look Ma, no hands! (Just don't drop me.)"
"My Dad sure is silly."

Taking in every detail:

Action shot:

Sweet face:
Sticks can be so fascinating!

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Things that are fun for a 20 1/2 month old...

New vests and flashlights are fun:

Getting into your play shopping cart is fun:


Studying this cute face is fun:

Starting chopsticks early is fun:

Thursday, October 18, 2007

fun with jib jab

Star in Your Own JibJab! It's Free!
Just really, really wanted to try this...it's fun...but weird to see Esther with a knife...don't worry tho...it was fake.

Friday, October 12, 2007

Just like "Breaking News!", stay tuned until the end of this post...

...for Esther saying her name.

Luckily, there will be no commercial interruptions, just a cute picture of our cat, Sydney. Esther allowed him to try out her Elmo seat. He seemed to find it adequate.
Having fun with Esther's hair:

"Yes, Mom your handiwork is awesome, now can you stop taking pictures and let me read my book."

I found Esther "organizing" my papers. Of course this is one of those occasions when it got really quiet for far too long. I knew something had to be up, and this is what I found:

OK, this picture is a little unfair to Esther's Nana Marilyn. She knitted an awesome sweater and hat for E and it fit her perfectly. Esther is crying in this picture but not because she didn't like the outfit, it's because Mommy wouldn't give her the camera to play with.

This is the sweater from the back. It is the cutest thing ever! It is a baby doll cut and has pompoms. I love it!

Later on, she was still wearing her sweater but ignoring her mean Mom who still refused to give up the camera.

And here it is, ENJOY: (I was competing with "Kipper the dog" on TV and as you can tell I lost.)

Tuesday, October 09, 2007


That was her new word for Monday. Glad it wasn't "mad" or "sad" or "ambivalent". I swear every day she's picking up more and more words. Today was "all done" but said more like "ahh done." Then at bath time we got her to say her name. It is the cutest thing ever! It sounds a lot like "Ehh...doo" and sometimes she can get the "s" in it. If I can catch it on tape I will because, like I said, it is the cutest thing ever. And I know you wouldn't want to miss it.

Today was an eventful day: first thing this morning we went to the King County Superior Court to file the first part of our paperwork for Esther's readoption. (Sorry, Suzi, it's easier to do it here because of all the trips we will make getting the correct forms filed.) It's an interesting process and will take patience on my part. I had all my paperwork together that I thought we would need, but I was only able to file one document. Ugh! Oh, well, life's a learning process, right? We will try again on Thursday and hope to file at least one more piece of paper! It would have probably been much less stressful for a lawyer to do it, but we're cheap and I love a challenge. Actually, we've had great help from a lady in Port Townsend who has adopted many children of her own and is a expert in readoption.

When we got home from the court house there was an imposing red notice attached to our doorknob. It told me in not so pleasant terms that our power had been shut off from non-payment of bills. And low and behold, it didn't lie, we did indeed NOT have power. The only problem was, it wasn't our name on the notice. Apparently the former tenant had not bothered to tell the power company that she had moved and our manager had failed to notify them of the new tenants. I'm very good about keeping up on all our bills, but it's hard to pay one when you didn't know about it. So most of the day was spent in a very silent, very dim apartment today. Esther and I had fun when we brought out the candles. We pretended we were living in the days of yore when people actually interacted with each other. As you can probably surmise by me writing this post, we do indeed have power back on and all is forgiven by the power company.

Sorry for the length of this post, maybe lack of "technology" got to me more than I thought.

Enjoy these pictures of Esther lounging with her bottle in front of the fireplace:
And upside down with her head in my lap:

Wednesday, October 03, 2007

On a clear day...

...I can see up your nose forever.
Wearing Mom's headband (this is the "messy" look):

Our little tomboy (she put this on herself):

Reading to Mommy:

This one's for our niece, Halie. Esther's in her "skinny" jeans. (& eating her new favorite food: raisins. How many raisins can one little person eat? We're still trying to figure this one out.)