Thursday, March 31, 2011

So I wanted to post some pictures before the end of the month,

but I couldn't get my laptop to read the camera memory card.  After struggling to make it work for a few minutes , I finally was able to figure out that Esther had stuck something into the computer slot.  So I struggled for a few more minutes and was finally able to remove the offending object.  It was a googly eye!  I thought I solved the problem but alas I cannot upload any pictures.  Must wait for my computer savvy husband to get home.
So you will have to use your imagination and picture some really cute photos of my mischievous girl.
Since you so kindly stopped by my blog, I will leave you with a funny Esther antidote:  At 11:30 last night, Esther came out of her room and her daddy asked her what she was doing out of it.  Esther said, "I am soooo hungry, I have nothing to eat..all I have to eat is my tears!"  Ha!