Wednesday, July 23, 2008

We are officially home owners!

I never thought our first home would be a condo...but in this market and in this area, it's what we could afford. Everyone's got to start somewhere, right?
Esther is "helping" me pack.

Playing leapfrog with her ball at Nana's.

Enjoying the sunshine at Nana Carolyn's. My mom, Esther and I went to the Lavender Festival which has become a huge Sequim happening.
Our new condo which E is checking out. Gene and I headed to Ikea today and got tons of new furniture. This a rug that will go in Esther's room.
E taking some measurements (maybe for a new play set? Ha.)

Sunday, July 13, 2008

A haircut and a lollipop

Last weekend was the dreaded haircut. Actually, it turned out fine. Esther wasn't very happy about it, but she didn't freak out. Only one tear was shed throughout the whole process, a big crocodile-tear. After it was all over, Esther got her first lollipop, which was a great hit. I think next time, we may even get her hair cut a little shorter.
Enjoying her lollipop on the way home.

Posing with her candy.
What!?! Esther cleaning? She came to me one morning, wanting to get a wet paper towel so she could clean off her artwork on the mirror. Of course after she cleaned it off, she went to work making another masterpiece.
"Oh my goodness! I LOVE ice cream!!!"

Saturday, July 05, 2008

Hope you had a great 4th of July!

Where we live right now is a prime location for fireworks viewing. We can see Kirkland's display as well as Bellevue's and Seattle's. Festivities started at 10pm, and although Esther was in bed, she wasn't asleep yet. Instead of her laying scared in bed listening to the racket, we got her up so she could see what was happening. She seemed a little confused about all the lights and noise, and wanted to go from deck to living room to watch the Seattle fireworks on TV, then back again. We won't get this same opportunity again from this location since we are moving at the end of the month, so it was fun to get Esther involved.
Esther and Daddy enjoying the lights.

A funky photo from our little camera.
And another one.
Watching the television coverage.
Esther and her "fingers." She became obsessed with her pen caps and even wore them out to the grocery store. "Click, click, click."
Our little gypsy.

Esther's crazy style coming through again, this time with backward baseball cap, one mitten, Dad's orange high-tops, and don't forget the black umbrella!

Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Pingu is sooo funny!

Esther's individual style showing itself again, this time with hair clips.

She's so cool she has to wear shades.
This weekend, we headed to a Loose Cannon family picnic at Dev and Karin's house. Esther showed off her basketball skills and kept us busy chasing her...but what's new? It was boiling hot with no favorite. Here she's checking out 8 month old Jake, who's such a cutie!
Rocking out to Guitar Hero.
Showing off her drumming skills. Our girl is definitely not shy.
Esther's favorite show right now is "Pingu", about a penguin. This is the one show that always makes her laugh and she asks to watch the episodes over and over and over again. Gotta love "on demand".