Saturday, March 31, 2007

Lois Lane thinks Esther is pretty cute...

...well, Margot Kidder does. She was at the Emerald City Comicon this year and held Esther, but I didn't get a picture of it so you'll just have to trust me. For $20 bucks she signed a picture for Esther...wasn't that nice of her. She said Esther was beautiful, so if you were still doubting it, now you know the truth.

Here's our little mechanic:

Putting some chapstick on:

Esther really hates getting water in her face, so we bought her a visor to wear when we wash her hair. She started to freak out when I poured water on her head and then was kinda shocked when it didn't get in her face.

Here we are at the Comicon...after Daddy dropped her on her head when he tried to take her jacket off. She wasn't very happy with him:

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Is that a banana slug in your hair or are you just happy to see me?

Karin made Esther this hair clip. (You're awesome Karin! We love it!) Upside down hair clip:

Posin' for Momma before breakfast:

Here's another great clip from Karin...a dead fish!!!:

Thursday, March 22, 2007

She's starting to do this new thing really well...

...whine! It's apparently her new way of communicating. As annoying as it may become, right now it makes me laugh.

Here she's wrestling her Edamame (can you see her first ponytail?):

Here's her new tracksuit (yep, we got it at Juliet's):

I couldn't pull off a tracksuit to save my life, but Esther rocks it.

"Hey, I'm talking to you!" (wearing her new sunhat)

Monday, March 19, 2007

Happy St. Patrick's Day! Happy 3 Month Family Anniversary! And Happy Birthday, Gene! that I got that out of the way...who's that leprechaun?
Yep! It's Pan Pan (with her Edamame):

Cruisin' at Juliet's store:

"Check me out, I'm stylin'."
(These cars are for the children's salon Juliet is going to have in her store. So cute!)

Taking a train ride around the block where Juliet has her store:

Hey, there's Juliet at her store:

The caboose:

Watching Elmo:

"You want me to brush what?!?"
I love this walking picture of Esther, she looks so pleased with herself.

Friday, March 16, 2007

She was supposed to be taking a nap...

Esther is officially a walker now. She just decided last week that it was time. She falls a lot but it doesn't seem to faze her. She also has six teeth now. And I think she is trying to change her nap schedule. Right now she still takes two naps everyday but for the last two days has not been according to schedule. Maybe she's ready for one nap a day. It seems that a soon as I've figured Pan Pan out she changes things on me. She keeps me on my toes.

Monday, March 12, 2007

This time it's to Grandma's house we go...

This weekend we were off to visit Nana and Papa Blakefield in Shelton. Esther did great, and slept through the night (yeah!). Here's Esther with Cousin Chrissy:

Nana Marilyn's co-worker, Jenny, really wanted to meet Esther because she's from China too. Here they are at dinner:

Pan Pan thought Chrissy was pretty funny and would giggle with glee everytime Chrissy did something silly:

Breakfast with Nana:

Silly Nana!:

This window is the perfect size for Esther:

Getting to know Henry, the chihuahua:

Papa Jerry and Esther:
Feeding Henry some bacon with Papa:

Thursday, March 08, 2007

Bright, bright, sunshiny day...

We had to take advantage of the one nice day we've had so far this year, so we headed to the park (after stopping to pick up some sunglasses for Esther). It felt like spring. Pan Pan wouldn't keep her sunglasses on even with the sun shining directly into her eyes so I had to take this picture quick:

She loves swinging, by herself...:

...or with Daddy:

Exploring all the things at the playground:

"We look weird."

Pan Pan decided she wanted to try swinging on her belly:

...which didn't last long. Here she is mid-fall and what you can't see is her smacking her head on the ground. Luckly, it was all wood chips and it didn't seem to faze her.
Daddy has taught Esther to grab her head in surprise, but it's really hard to catch. Here's the end of one such look:

Sunday, March 04, 2007

We've had a weird last few days...

in which I discover that I don't like being puked on. But who does, right? It all started Thursday with the doctor's visit. Here's Esther looking less than pleased to be there: I know I mentioned before that Esther had a fever from one or all of her four shots. That night she woke up at 12 am crying very hard and feeling very hot. She had a temp of 101.5. So we gave her some Tylenol and put her back to bed. The next morning she seemed better and had no fever but was weepy all day. Now Pan Pan isn't one for crying much...but it seemed that every time I turned around she was bawling over something. This is going to come off as insensitive, but it was almost comical the way any little thing would set her off. I should have taken the hint that she still wasn't feeling all that well, but being a new mom I figured she would be able to handle an outing to visit Gene's work. Well, boy was I wrong, she had a meltdown when she saw Karin (who is one of the nicest people you'll ever meet) and then was very clingy the rest of visit. She wouldn't even let me leave her sight to go to the restroom and when Daddy would walk away from us she would melt into tears. Figuring she was probably just hungry, we fed her a bottle and some of our pizza. Big mistake...she suddenly started choking...and she has never choked on us yet. I immediately freak out and tell Gene to "do something", forgetting all the many first aid courses I've ever taken. Gene looks at me with panic in his eyes (this is one of his biggest fears) and while we are both trying to figure out what to do, Esther takes control of the situation and pukes all over my legs, which consists of all the milk and all the pizza she's eaten. I deserved it, I admit, and had to ride the half hour trip home smelling like puke. We are now brushing up on our first aid, let me tell ya. She didn't sleep well that night, and woke up crying again. She wouldn't let us out of her sight so she slept with us for the rest of the night.

She is doing much better now and is back to her old self. This is her wrestling a pillow:

Showing off the cute hair clip we got at Juliet's new kid's clothing store:

Heidi took Esther for a few hours when she was taking Halie home. Here's Pan Pan, Bela and Halie on the ferry:

And here's Heidi with all the kids:

Here's Esther showing off another clip on the ferry: