Sunday, June 06, 2010

Esther's newest favorite "toy"...a snail.

At the dollar store we found a little bug box for E to "save" any creatures she finds. The first resident was a snail. She loved to take him out and let him roam around. Yuck, snail slime.

His name was Snaily. I say "was" because he met with an unfortunate cd player accident. Think putting in a disk and shutting the lid.

Ollie had to check him out, before his demise. (In the back-ground, notice our patio door. It makes an awesome chalkboard.)
OK, time to wash your hands.
I am in the process of painting our living room/dining room, which with a four year old and a puppy is taking a long time. Esther had a field day with the painter's tape. Here's her robot creation.
E is like Mommy, not a morning person. Here she's taking her time to embrace the morning and Ollie's enjoying the calm.

Snaily got to ride Esther's firetruck. He even climbed the ladder.
E has really been cranking out the artwork. The artiste, with marker moustache.

Preschool is over for the summer, but one of the last day of school the kids got to go to the beach. Esther enjoyed finding lots of dead or dying crabs.
She was having to work on sharing some of her finds. She did pretty well, but it wasn't easy for her. Still working on the sharing concept.

Every time a train passed by the beach, the kids would run to watch it. I think E is shouting "train".
Esther helped set the table and was so proud of herself that she wanted Mommy to take a picture. OK, so I may have created a monster with capturing every single event on film.

Last day send off with Teacher Kathy.
Ollie also finished puppy class. He wasn't too keen on wearing the graduation hat, though.

But Esther was!