Friday, September 28, 2007

The Red Thread is alive and well...

Can you recognize Esther? (hint: dark green sweater) Can I just say, I love the internet and message boards and blogs!!! I belong to several online adoption groups, one happens to be the Guiping girls group and this picture was published there. Thanks to Neila (fellow traveler in our great adventure) for seeing the pictures and forwarding them on. Wow, what an amazing blessing to get a little glimpse into our daughter's life before us. I also need to thank the with-it moms who actually sent a care package to their daughters at the orphanage with a disposable camera in it. I didn't send one and really regret it (read: feel like a bad mom).

Anyway, my daughter's life now is very well documented. (Can you tell I need a little encouragement?) Here is her first ever shopping cart car ride. She doesn't look too sure in this picture but she absolutely loved it! She would steer and honk the horn, and wasn't very happy with us when she had to get out.

"Beep, beep! Dad, get outta the way!"

Two things amuse me about this picture, first: she looks like an adorable shaggy dog, second: she wanted to wear her "dressy" shoes with her PJ's.

"If I could see I would find the ice cream that's supposed to go on this cone."

Don't they look so comfy? Dad's resting his head on the stairs and Esther is laying on the new security gate. My family is weird.

Practicing her opera. (Ignore the filthy mirror.)

Friday, September 21, 2007

Have I mentioned we started using time-outs...

and I don't mean for myself, though those come in handy, too. Our expert climber has discovered new and uncharted territory. I had moved my pens and permanent markers up out of Esther reach...or so I thought. Oh, the joy of having a toddler!
When I was little, I always wanted the grocery store set-up, you know: fake food, grocery basket, cash register with fake money. So we had to buy Esther two out of three of those. OK, maybe not had to, but really, really wanted to. Here she is rolling her baby around in the basket with her yummy plastic food:

Does this bode well for the future?

It's a non-working phone, but still....

Monday, September 17, 2007

She's teh awesome!

You'll have to excuse Daddy's annoying girl like voice and just focus on Esther. Trust me...she's cuter.

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Warning! Lots of photos ahead!

We spent a four-day weekend in southern California for our nephew's wedding. Fun was had by all, especially by Esther. She loved being doted on by all her cousins. She was a champ with all the traveling, except for the flight home which was way past her bedtime. We finally got home last night at 11:30 and she was very happy to see her crib. In fact she giggled with delight when she saw it. I think she was tired of sleeping in between Mom and Dad (the feeling was mutual).

Uncle Gerard is saving Esther from Hobbs, the dog. Although Hobbs was sweet and very friendly, his kisses and swift tail-wags were a little too much for Esther.

Jonny was great at entertaining Esther. She giggled with glee playing with him.

At the wedding, we had "fun" trying to follow our girl, she was always moving. I love the look on her face..."good luck, Dad, trying to keep up with me".

Running away from me:

This is one of my favorites, Esther looks so pleased (in actuality, she was having a great time). She is with her three cousins (Robby in the tux, Tommy holding E, & Jonny standing next to them) and Landon (the little brother of the groom).

Jonny and Tommy were great at chasing after E and keeping track of her.

At the reception (with Jonny):

Dad's feelin' the music and Esther's finally calming down. She got scared of the loud clapping, loud music and the DJ's smarmy voice.

Swimming with Nana in the Lotero's pool:

Doesn't Gene look hot? I have to get him one of those "rash guards" to wear around the house:

Nana and Papa helping Esther drink her juice. How cute is the umbrella straw?

"Playing" video games with the cousins:

Aunt Vivian and Esther got some bonding in the last day we were there. (Thanks for letting us sleep in!)

Safety is the # 1 priority in our house, so we made sure Esther read through the airline safety guide and understood it completely.

Thursday, September 06, 2007

My excuse for not posting...

...Gene was in San Francisco last weekend and had the camera. Really, I promise. It's not that I've been lazy and less than inspired, no not at all.

I feel like these last few weeks, Esther's really changing. She grew out of her shoes in what seemed like a day. She started talking...some. She says "apple", "go", "dog" and "car" now. And signs more and more. One of my new favorite things that she does is when I'm working on my computer, she'll climb up my chair and sit behind me. She hangs out with me and periodically gives me hugs. She'll pat my back and play with my hair. It's something she doesn't even think too much about but for me it's pure bliss. She's my girl.

We had to get her new shoes and she seems to approve:

"Hey Mom, what's up?"

She loves the noodles!

"What? You don't think I can stuff more noodles in my face? Bring 'em on."