Friday, March 16, 2012

Going to the Dentist

After what seems like hundreds of visits, Esther has finally gotten used to going to the dentist.  She will  finally allow the dental assistant and dentist to lay her back in the "robot chair" and check out her teeth.  She used to cry and stall and carry on to avoid  it all. To even look in her mouth, I had to have her lay back on my lap and hold her hands.  Luckily, the dental office is very patient, I guess they'd better be since all they deal with is kids.  This time they were even able to take x rays of E's teeth. Big girl!
As I snapped photos of her, Esther told me I needed to put these on facebook. 

Getting x rays taken like a pro. This former dental assistant mama practiced with her at home, using  a slip of paper as film.

I didn't get a picture of him, but the office has a one-year old dog.  While I was chatting with the dentist, E and the dog were running around together.  He would pull on the back of her shirt and she would squeal with delight. Super cute.

And here's our handsome fellow, Ollie, waiting for me to throw his ball.

And of course our so ugly she's cute pup, Frank.