Sunday, May 25, 2008

Snow boots, PJ's, Nana, and a birthday wish....

A taste of Esther's fashion sense: wearing Mommy's snow boots with her summer dress.
Esther interpretation of Mr. Potatohead.
Hallelujah! We found PJ's that Esther cannot remove...well actually they found us. Mookimoo commented on our blog and told us what they had created: PJ's that zip up in the back. Awesome! So I ordered two and they work! No naked girl (unless we want her to be) and no wet crib.
Here's the back. If she figures out how to get out of this, I give up. Esther's too smart for me.
Nana Marilyn came and stayed the night with us on Saturday. And Esther had a blast! She even cried when she left. Nana watched E while Gene and I had a see "Indiana Jones". (Thanks Marilyn!)****************************************************************************** This video is a birthday wish for my sister, Heidi. She moved to Alaska in December and we miss her. Sorry for the shakiness of the camera...Esther was trying to grab it out of my hands. As you'll hear, "Tommy" or "Thomas" is much easier for E to say than "Bela" or "Halie" because she loves Thomas the Tank Engine. Hope Heidi can see this all the way up there.

Monday, May 19, 2008

Here comes the sun.

I'm not one for hot weather. Maybe it's because I'm so pale (read incandescently white) or because I grew up in Alaska. I agree with Gene...give us 70 degrees with a nice breeze. But at least it means I can dress Esther in her summer clothes, which is awesome because I just love her beautiful skin. Below are some of her "cool" clothes.

Mommy's first attempt at braiding E's hair.

Monday, May 12, 2008

Another Mother's Day under my belt

Having experienced my second Mother's Day, I have to say I really enjoy the special day. And not because I get to be spoiled, get gifts, a whole made card, breakfast made for me by my awesome husband, my daughter saying "Happy Day, Mommy" and then dinner out later (although these make it pretty cool, too). It is a day full of joy, knowing I am the mother to a wonderful daughter. It's a day of remembering how blessed I am to have my family.

OK, here's some pictures from the last week or so:
Esther and Sydney lounging together. Don't they both look so comfortable.

Stealing my chair and apparently trying to finish my Sudoku.

Showing her little pink ducky a family picture.
We bought E a "chatter" phone. She loves walking around with it following her and watching it's eyes moving.

Do you think she'll ever use a real phone like this?

Funny face.
You can't tell from this still picture but Esther was drumming a beat on the empty litter container while moving her head from side-to-side. So hilarious!! She is such a ham. Look at that smile on her face.
E finally got a balloon...after always pointing them out wherever she sees them. She was so happy and would throw it around the car while shouting "wheeeeee."
Yesterday Gene and I decided that maybe Esther was ready for a toddler bed. We often see her trying to get her leg over the side of her crib (although she's still too short). She always throws all her stuff out of bed at night and then will cry because she doesn't have her blanket or toys anymore. Brilliant as we are, we decided last night, way too close to Esther's bedtime, to take apart her crib and set her mattress on the floor. She actually seemed to like it...until we left her alone, then she cried and cried and cried. So back we go to reinstall her crib...and hopefully soothe our scared/confused little girl. But by this time she was too exhausted and stimulated to settle down. Finally after much comforting and a little crying she finally went to sleep in her old crib. And in the morning, her blanket and all her toys were on the floor. For now, I guess that's how she likes it.

Friday, May 02, 2008

Our little cuddlebug

Esther has had a breakthrough on the listening front. This has made clean up so much easier. She will actually help clean up fairly eagerly now. She knows where her things are supposed to go and likes to put them in their places.
Another new thing she's started doing is shouting "MAMA" at me if I'm not paying attention to her when she wants me to. Not in a snotty way, just louder. I know this may quickly become annoying but right now it makes me laugh.
She's also becoming more cuddly. Up until now, the only time she would let us cuddle her was at bedtime or before nap time. But recently she's wanted to be hugged on at different times during the day, she will even lay her head on our shoulders and stay that way for a while. Or to sit on our lap quietly, which is huge for our ever-busy daughter. These small tokens of her affection of course melt our hearts every time.
Apparently Mr. Potatohead's arm tastes yummy.
Showing mommy how it's done.

The last few weeks the weather has been very sporadic. So trying to "catch" the sun is a challenge. However, when we can, we try to make it to the park right near our apartment.
No kids around on this day, but E made the most of it anyway.

She's becoming very agile on the playground.
And adventurous.
This is a very high slide, and Esther made me very nervous. But she made it down safe and sound.