Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Six months together!! Yahoo!!!

OK, another walk down memory lane...this time to compare Esther in the outfit we met her in. I can't take credit for this one, I saw this on several other adoption blogs.

The first time we met Pan Pan wearing her big yellow outfit:

Six months later...it fits better, but she still has a lot of room to grow:

We went to the zoo this weekend. It was a little rainy but we had fun 'cuz not many people were out. Esther got to pet a bunny and a few goats:

At the handwashing station after touching the goats:

No, we didn't get to touch the hippo:

But Esther did get to ride over the bronze one:

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

This week Pan Pan got her first haircut...

Pre-haircut, looking so sweet:

Still pre-cut, eating ice cream with Dad, right out of the box. Life is good.

OK, here's the historic photo!!! You would have thought she was getting a shot or something. She was not a happy camper, but the stylist did a really good job considering.

Happy at home...after her bath:

Thanks, Suzi!!! She painted a portrait of Esther for us, and Esther thinks it's pretty cool (and so do we). Pan Pan knows it's a picture of her. She points at it, smiles and says, "la, la" which seems to be her word for herself.

Climbin' on "her" chair...apparently she's decided it's her newest plaything:

Picture of her new 'do (look at that neck!):

Swimming with her Daddy:

Sunday, June 17, 2007

To the best dad ever!!!

Esther and I love you very much. Here's a walk down memory lane. Enjoy.

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Our little artist...

she has really good line quality, and doesn't mind going outside the lines:
This is how Esther likes to wear her sunglasses:

Daddy introduced Pan Pan to her new bedroom:

She seems to like it so far:

So Esther's figured out a way to sit on the big-people chair...she just pushes the seat cushion up and then she climbs on (I told ya she's smart).

Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Let's all yell at the cat...

here's how it's done: 1) find the cat, 2) get down on the floor, 3) put your face as close to the cat as you dare, 4) now yell really loud.

"Hey, get this camera out of my face!"

First pigtails ever:

Post-pigtail 'do:

Friday, June 01, 2007

OK, let's try this post again...

I was having difficulties yesterday posting, due to user issues. I kept accidentally erasing pictures which frustrated me so much I had to turn my computer off for the night. Today, I am not so frustrated but some of the pictures aren't in exact chronological order. Hey, deal with it.

Yesterday, I was cleaning our apartment for today's visit with our social worker (for our 6 month post placement report), and I realized that I hadn't heard a peep out of my daughter for a while. So I went searching for her (luckily our apartment's not big so it didn't take long) and here's what I found (below). She had managed to climb up into her stroller that was parked in her closet and was happily playing on the seat. She entertained herself like this for a good fifteen minutes (which in Pan Pan time equals an hour):

If you've seen Will Farrell's video about the landlady, here's our reenactment:
We went to Woodland Park Zoo last weekend with my sister, her two kids and my mom. Here's Pan Pan at the butterfly exhibit (doesn't she make a cute insect?):

Cousin Halie (she makes a pretty cute bug, too, that's why we call her Haliebug):

Cousin Bela (ok, Halie, you're right...your brother is very photogenic):

Outta the way, expert walker coming through:

"Uhhh, no, I wasn't about to climb up on my toy, mom. I just needed to rest my stomach for a while." (Climbing is Esther's newest love.)

"No, I don't think I need a nap...I'm not tired at all."