Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Fun with Family...and other goings on.

Esther's artful arranging of bungee cords on her dresser.

A new way to sit in her highchair. We probably shouldn't encourage this.
Uncle King read Esther her favorite book,
"Little Hoot".
Enjoying time with Uncle King (Esther has renamed him
"Cooking"), Grandma Suzi, and Grandpa Neil. She definitely enjoys all the attention.
Waiting for the ferry, we caught a glimpse of some otters frolicking.
Cute shot of Daddy and E.

Her hair is getting so long...we're thinking of cutting it because it's getting in to her mouth when she eats. She hated having her hair cut last time...so we'll see how it goes.
Looking cool in Papa Jerry's sunglasses.
Visiting with Cousin Sierra. Sydney, the cat, loved the quality time.
And here's Cousin Nikkie. Again Esther enjoyed all the attention. She's not spoiled at all. Nope! That's E's new favorite word by the way...that and "I can't!"

Monday, June 16, 2008

Bungee cords, condo-hunting, and of course Father's Day!

I've fallen in love with bungee cords. They are not very attractive but boy are the functional. They've come in handy so many ways. Exhibit A: as a halter for a drum.

Exhibit B: as a way to thwart my smart daughter from getting into or climbing on the dishwasher. However, she still figured out that she could use her drum as a stool.

We've been house-hunting the last few days, well, really condo-hunting, which has been so fun. Esther even enjoyed the experience. We love our realtor; if you need a good one in the Seattle area let me know.
Esther loved running around the open spaces and trying all the doors and closets. We have an offer out there, so we'll keep you posted.
Our realtor had a minivan that had "magic" doors which opened by remote. E loved driving in it and even Gene enjoyed all of it's gadgets. By the end of day two, Esther was a little tired of house-hunting.
Loungin' with Daddy after a busy day.
I just love her little feet in her flip flops!

Monday, June 09, 2008

"I LOVE YOU!!! Just in case you didn't know."

Esther's unique shoe style.

"Look, Mom, no hands." She attached her cup to her overalls snap and walked around like that. She would take a sip, then put it back.

Trying on mom's mascara. Check out her right eyebrow (left in the picture, in case your confused).

"I'm open!" (playing basketball with cousin Chrissy). We spent Sunday afternoon at Gene's parents and got to visit with Nana, Papa, aunts, an uncle and some cousins.
"Chrissy, that's where the ball goes."
"Oh, I guess you already knew that."
It's a bird, it's a plane...no, it's Super Esther!
Trying to chase the ball and ending up kicking it across the street with each step.

Sunday, June 01, 2008

All about rashes...

Memorial Day weekend was very sunny so I slathered up Esther with sunscreen (hypo-allergenic, paba-free, SPF 50) and we headed out for some fun. Monday morning we noticed a rash on her face and then that night it was all over her arms and legs. We were pretty sure it was due to the sunscreen and our pediatrician agreed. I was trying to be a responsible mother and protect my little one from the sun but it backfired. So we'll have to try a lower SPF, different brand and only apply it in one little spot to make sure she doesn't breakout again. She's pretty itchy, so we've been giving her Claritin for kids, and using benadryl cream on her, which seems to help. She looks like she's contracted some horrible disease. Her once beautiful soft skin is now red and bumpy.

That same weekend, we headed to the zoo (with E completely covered up even though it was fairly warm out). Esther enjoyed all the animals and since there wasn't very many people out for some reason, I really enjoyed myself, too.

(These pictures are all out of order...oops!)

Dad and E scoping out some zebras in the distance.

E in her oatmeal bath, showing off her rashy arms.
E using bath paint (you can see both her bumpy arms and forehead in this picture).
She loves bubbles and catching "bigun" (big ones).
Finger painting.
Rubbing the baby elephants for good luck.
Bumpy forehead.
Blotchy cheek, beautiful girl.
She loves organizing her six little ducks.