Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Who knew fingerprints expire

Due to the extended wait time, I was concerned that we may have to redo some of our dossier paperwork (which would be a real bummer). However, after doing some checking around, all we will need to redo is our fingerprints since they expire in June. Gene can't understand how fingerprints "expire" but apparently they do (this must make criminals happy). But if this is all we need to keep our dossier current, I'm thrilled!


Anonymous said...

I don't think the law enforcement agencies know about the fingerprint expiration situation either! Who knew!

We are also eagerly awaiting Esther's arrival. How is her pretty quilt coming along?

Anxious Grandma Marilyn

Lightkeeper said...

Actually, fingerprints don't expires for criminals! It's just that the government can't keep fingerprint information on people who DON'T have criminal history. So, the report is good for 15 months; when it "runs out" they have to collect your fingerprints again. They just check them against those whose fingerprints are always there - to see if you're one of them! Then they toss the request again.