Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Sleep, o'sleep, wherefore art though, sleep?

So, do you remember me blogging that Esther was a great sleeper and slept through the night. Well, Gene and I kinda screwed this up by moving to a new apartment and me leaving for five days. Since all these happenings, all-night sleep is hit or miss (and more likely than not it's a miss). She wakes up screaming and won't go quietly into that good crib, so she usually ends up sleeping with Mommy and Daddy. This inevitably leads to a few well placed kicks to some one's nether region and leaving Daddy about an 8 inch strip of bed. Naps have been difficult for Esther, too. And to top it all off, she's getting four molars in. Lack of sleep makes for two grouchy parents and one overly sensitive kiddo. Good times!

So on to the good stuff...pictures! Esther with her new favorite toy...an empty Starbucks cup (Mom helps by drinking the contents).

"Yes, I know I got myself stuck but I expect you to get me out."

Family portrait.

"Hey, do you like my new belt? It's going to be all the rage!" (It's a mirror that's supposed to go in the car.)

"Hey, Sydney, check it out."

"And it goes with all outfits."

It's eerily quiet and this is what I find:


Heidi said...

luv the belt esther, so shiek (spelling?). i just can't get over how big our babygirl is (and i did say our, cuz she's mine too =)). luv her!!!!!!!!

i want to see you guys soon!
auntie heidi