Tuesday, October 30, 2007

I love autumn!

I always have...and now it's even better experiencing it with Esther. The cool crisp air, the bright leaves falling all around, the wind that takes our breath away...so much to enjoy!

Swingin' on a beautiful chilly afternoon: (A well-placed kick might just ruin some one's day.)

"Better watch out, Daddy!"
"Look Ma, no hands! (Just don't drop me.)"
"My Dad sure is silly."

Taking in every detail:

Action shot:

Sweet face:
Sticks can be so fascinating!


Stephanie Wagner said...

Esther is such a cutie pie!!! There's nothing like watching your child experience new things! So glad you are enjoying Autumn. I guess Gene still thinks it's summer???? As I see he's wearing shorts. Just like he did in China! Can't believe that we got the call last year this week! Simply amazing! Take Care!
Stephanie, Jeremy & Meilyn

Esther's mom said...

What can I say...Gene follows a different beat. It's almost impossible to convince him it's too cold for shorts.