Sunday, July 13, 2008

A haircut and a lollipop

Last weekend was the dreaded haircut. Actually, it turned out fine. Esther wasn't very happy about it, but she didn't freak out. Only one tear was shed throughout the whole process, a big crocodile-tear. After it was all over, Esther got her first lollipop, which was a great hit. I think next time, we may even get her hair cut a little shorter.
Enjoying her lollipop on the way home.

Posing with her candy.
What!?! Esther cleaning? She came to me one morning, wanting to get a wet paper towel so she could clean off her artwork on the mirror. Of course after she cleaned it off, she went to work making another masterpiece.
"Oh my goodness! I LOVE ice cream!!!"


Anonymous said...

Love the new hair cut! It makes me want to get Meilyn's hair cut. I'd love for her to have a cute bob. Daddy likes the long hair, but I am the one who has to deal with it. LOL