Monday, September 08, 2008

Eating toothpaste while looking cute.

Less "toothbrushing", more like "brush-biting"

Modeling her new shirt from Aunt Heidi, from Alaska. So cute!

Yeah, she's eating toothpaste...but just so you know, it was the last of the "baby" toothpaste with no flouride. And it was almost empty.
With hood.

There was construction on the underground garage at our we watched the work from E's bedroom window. I know, I doesn't look very safe.
Taking it all in.


Anonymous said...

Her hair's getting so long - love the ponytails!

Nana Marilyn

Esther's mom said...

I know! Time for another haircut I guess.

Heidi said...

love the kuspuk on her, she's so fashionable now!

Anonymous said...

The kuspuk is great - she is such a clothes horse.

Rachelle said...

your daughter is a doll! such inspiration for me as I wait for my daughter from China! =) Rachelle