Friday, February 20, 2009

When I've been remiss in taking pictures...

Esther picks up the slack. She likes our camera more than she likes her own, probably because it has a large viewing screen. Here's our home from Esther's perspective:
mantle above the fireplace

Sydney and the mess E created
under the table shot of Audrey's rear
Esther's birthday balloons
Time-out pillow
baby gate

the fridge and all her "magmicks"

shot of the Wubbzy painting from Meilyn
her sweet little feet
OK, this is the one picture I took this week, of Esther's very long creation. According to her it's a robot.

Esther had her 3rd gymnastics class this week and she did much better. No crying, but she did need Mom close in the beginning. She does so well with other kids...even when one little girl pulled her hair to get a turn at the rings. E just looked at her as if to say, "what are you doing?", and then she gave her a turn. She even went up to this same girl later and said, "My name Esther, what your name?" So sweet!!!


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Glad to have the latest.