Friday, September 25, 2009

Two weeks of school under our belts...

and Esther seems to love it. I wasn't sure if she would want me to leave the first day of the regular schedule, but when I checked with her about me leaving, she kissed me and got right into playing. I walked to my car feeling a little sad...hoping that she would have wanted me to stay just a tiny bit. But I've quickly gotten used to my free two and a half hours twice a week. Wow, I can actually go thrift shopping again!! It's much easier without my sidekick and I don't have to spend any time in the toy section. I have to admit I'm enjoying myself. And she takes long naps after preschool because she so worn out (hooray!).
On Thursdays, I am there at the school with 6 other parents. I've really been enjoying this time as well. The kids are hilarious and it's been nice getting to know the other parents. Teacher Kathy is awesome and so great with all the kids. Come to find out she has two adopted daughters from China that are just starting college.
After school treat from McDonald's. Happy Meal box as hat.

E decided she wanted to wear her Yoda costume from a few years back. I wanted to get a picture of her holding her drawing she did at school and for some reason she put on a sad face. (Maybe she's fed up with me taking pictures?)

She wanted to check out her ears in the mirror and gave the sad face again.
I asked her to do a happy face.

...then a mad face.
Last weekend the preschool had an ice cream social. And they had "smarshsmellows" for on top! (I know the picture doesn't go with what I just typed but I like the there.)

Esther's favorite thing was getting to use the apple slicer/corer/peeler again...and again...and again. Teacher Kathy was very patient with her and let her have lots of turns. All the apples E (and the other kids) cut were put in the apple cider press. Yum!
So glad the preschool has lots of extra clothes, cuz Esther got drenched with water at one point. Ask Gene.

Again with the Yoda hat. This is a new favorite item (along with the train tracks I found on one of my thrift shop expeditions).


Anonymous said...

I'm so glad the both of you like going to preschool! Maybe she's just trying to look old like Yoda.
I was so excited to see a new episode of "The Blog"!
Love, Nana Marilyn

Stephanie said...

So glad that everyone is enjoying preschool! It's a win, win situation. Kids have a blast and Mom get a chance to get some things done without our sidekick!