Monday, March 08, 2010

Esther's at preschool... I decided to use my time to update the blog. Probably should be doing something more productive, like cleaning the house, but that'll keep, right?

I "knew" having a puppy would be challenging, but until we got one I didn't really know just how much. Actually Ollie by himself is easy, it's when Esther, Ollie and our cat, Sydney, all start up at once that I want to pull my hair out. Sometimes I have to put one or all of them in a time out, just so I can think. And sometimes Mommy needs a time out to calm down. Since getting Ollie, Esther has become more mischievous. She locked me out of the condo yesterday morning when I took Ollie to go potty, and wouldn't unlock it. Gene was asleep and didn't hear me banging on the door. While I was locked out, Esther put about 6 pieces of Trident bubble gum in her mouth. A few afternoons ago, she cracked about 7 eggs onto her throw rug in her bedroom and while I was trying to clean it up, she decided it would be fun to hit the dog.

Also since getting Ollie, Esther has become unafraid of the cat. She will now pick up Sydney and show him to the dog. Sydney will hiss and bat frantically at the dog who thinks it's a fun game. I'm finding I'm pretty content with only one child at this point.
Some quiet play with Daddy. Ahh!

Getting some energy out.

"Ollie, would you like to eat this stick?"
The dog trying to sleep in the cat bed.

Ollie makes a nice pillow.

Helping Mom with the dishes. I'm taking advantage while she still wants to help.

Auntie Heidi came for a short but nice visit. She is living in Alaska and hasn't seen Esther in two years. E sure has changed since then.
Resting after driving Mommy crazy.
"Is it OK if I eat your shoe?"
"Gee your hair smells terrific!" Did you notice the collar around E's neck? She loves wearing it and kept taking it off Ollie. Ollie needed a bigger collar and we decided we would get E her own tag with her name on it. Is that weird? The nice couple at the store thought it was pretty amusing.