Saturday, April 24, 2010

Fireman Esther to the rescue!

Two of my favorite people! E is wearing her daddy's scooter gloves.

Esther finally got a big girl bed. Her crib converted to a toddler bed but after four years it was time to retire it. E picked out her new bed. One of Esther's biggest requirements was that she could jump on it. There was a bed that she liked with a canopy but she soon figured out that jumping in it wasn't an option. Another one was a small bunk bed but alas it had the same problem. So she picked out this light blue daybed. And boy is it fun to jump on.
Wednesday, the preschool went on a field trip to a fire station (specifically for kids). Of course it was a big hit.
Esther's technique for going down the pole was to keep one foot on the ledge.

The perspective in this photo makes Esther look teeny tiny. But she was sitting in the passenger seat because the driver's seat was out for reupholstering. Apparently I picked out the perfect shirt for this outing, a fire breathing dinosaur. (Who knew dinosaurs breathed fire?)
A fire breathing dragon at the firehouse? Is that really a good idea? "Roar!"

Fireman Esther keeping you safe. I think her polka dot boots add a little flair to the outfit.


Anonymous said...

"Hot" post Mom! Nothing alarming, just charming. She is growing up so quickly.

Love, Nana marilyn