Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Snow day!

The snow has arrived!  Today was my workday at preschool, so after dropping off our dog at doggie daycare, E and I headed to the store to purchase some snack food for the kiddos (my duty this week).  Wouldn't ya know, right as I'm attempting to unlock the door with groceries in hand, they call to say that school's been canceled.  Well, at least Esther and I have something to snack on. And five dog-free hours. Of course we had to go explore the great big "snow-globe", as Esther called it.

See, it really did snow.
Love the expression.
Just in case you weren't convinced yet...more proof.

Something about this picture I just love.
Yarn + dog + kid = bad idea.  (And no that's not Ollie's backside.)
Mean Mom soon put a stop to the fun.
Esther had her first play date ever at our place.  I know, I know, but since we live in a condo it has usually been easier to meet friends at parks and such.  E did very well sharing her toys with Dahlia.  And Dahlia even brought her real guinea pig over (dog in crate).  E got a little too exuberant with trying to put it in small spaces (her Halloween candy bucket) so we had to put it up for a while.  But all in all, it was a great experience for everyone involved (except maybe Ollie, who whined the whole time he was crated).
Enjoying a Dilly bar from Dairy Queen.
E wanted me to make black play dough and somehow I pulled it off.
Notice Esther's tattoos?  She wanted to be just like her Daddy.
The Terrible Twosome actually holding still!