Saturday, April 02, 2011

Here are the photos!

Poor Sydney, he had a big abscess on his bum, and it had to be lanced.  This is the first time in 15 years that he's had to wear a cone.  As you can see, Gene was very sympathetic to poor Sydney's plight.
Our little destroyer.  Watch out world, if anything has a screw holding it together, it is fair game for Esther.  We've had to put her tool box away when we are not supervising.  I really do love that she needs to figure out how things work.  She has a very scientific brain.  We just have to try to reign her in sometimes.
The Prince lounging on his throne.

Ever since I made a little shark costume for the preschool's stuffed guinea pig, Esther has been begging for one of her own.  She has this belief that I am magic with my sewing machine.  I had to try to make her one.  So with her Daddy's shark costume sketch in hand, I got to work.  And "Sharky" was born.  I used leftover fabric, thus the floral print, but overall I am pleased with my efforts, and best of all, so is Esther.  She wears it daily and I even allowed her to wear it to school twice.  (I was playing around with the fotoflexer because the background was bothering me, so I added the swirls.  Hey, it looks a little like waves.)

"Retro"- Girl and her dog.

Esther's preschool has an auction every year.  And this year our class had to come up with a project for the auction.  I  suggested a quilt that each kid could draw a block for.  Ha, ha...guess who volunteered herself to make it.  Yep, me.  I figured I had to be an expert after tackling one quilt in my life, right?  Actually it turned out really well and sold for $475!!  Crazy!

Esther's square is on the lower right.  It is the solar system.  (I wrote the planet names for her.)


W&M&M Davis said...

Great quilt and neat shark costume! I'm impressed. Sorry about Sydney :(