Monday, October 31, 2011

Introducing Boba Fett.

 Esther finally got to wear her new costume.  And boy was she excited.  On Friday, we went to PopCap for a trick-or-treat party for employees and their kiddos.  Then tonight we headed to Bothell Country Village for their festivities.  Most males recognized who she was supposed to be, most females didn't.  So if you don't know, he is the bounty hunter in Star Wars:  Empire Strikes Back.  She really wanted her daddy to be Jango Fett, who is Boba's dad, but adult costumes are pricey.  Now that Halloween is over, she is allowed to wear her costume anytime she wants, except to school.  So guess who is sleeping as Boba tonight?  Sweet dreams, my little bounty hunter.

Look who we met at PopCap:  Yoda and Princess Leia,  Boba Fett fit right in.

PopCap had the candy route mapped out with arrows on the floor.  So our little bounty hunter hunted down that candy with precision.

Time to partake of the bounty.

All ready for round two.

"Did we get it all?
Testing Frankie's new dog bed...this time she as the red Power Ranger.