Sunday, December 25, 2011

The most wonderful time of the year!

Can you believe we have been a family for 5 years now?  Crazy to think it has been that long, but strange to think about life without our little girl.  This year again we celebrated our Family Day at the Space Needle restaurant.  We had great weather so the city and mountains were gorgeous.
Christmas was a huge hit with Esther this year.  She really got into it, counting down the days, and questioning how Santa would get down our chimney.  At one point, after I put some presents under the tree, she told me that was enough because Santa needed to have room to add his present for her.  I assured her that Santa was very resourceful and could find room if need be.  I also had her watch the "Santa Clause" which I think explains how Santa does things very well.
This is my first attempt at a R2D2 hat for Gene.  It was kind of a disaster so I started over.  Then Frankie decided that yarn was yummy and kept getting into my knitting.  After starting over several more time, I finally finished the hat. No picture yet.

Drawing a robot as we waited for our food at the Space Needle.

My beautiful girl in front of the beautiful city.

Love, love, love these guys!!

Waiting for our car with her new toy.

Checking out the Needle from a more comfortable position.

Silly Daddy!  She has gotten pretty good at ignoring his silliness.

Presents!  Looks like she is about to karate chop the package.

Much coveted pteranodon wings.  Her friend had some at her house and E wouldn't stop talking about them.  She was so excited when she saw them!

New Legos!!!

Her newest creation. (With my new camera!  Gene got me a Canon Rebel and I love it.  I have lots of learning to do.)

Esther wanted this when we were at the Space Needle, but we didn't buy it for her.  Her Grandpa Neil and Grandma Suzi know her so well and got this for her, without us ever mentioning it.  Awesome!

Playing with my camera.  Esther grew very sick of me snapping her picture.  I told her she better get used to it.

No blog post is complete without photos of the dogs.  Frankie enjoying her new toy and making a huge mess in the process.

Look at that face!