Friday, February 24, 2012

Esther's Jumping Birthday Party

We've all got the crud here...mainly just a yucky cough now.  Esther had a fever a few days before her birthday party and we weren't sure if she would be able to enjoy her party. But luckily she was feeling better with only slightly lower energy on the big day.
Having your kid's party at the jumpy place is a bit pricey, but well worth it.  The kids run around like mad, jumping and playing until they are tuckered out (the parents appreciate this)! Then on to the birthday cake and presents part, which is handled by a young person with lots of energy.  And they clean up after the whole shindig is over.  Again well worth it!
Waiting for the party to begin with Nana Carolyn.

Following each other around like ducklings

Esther needed a break now and then.

Waiting for her second wind to hit.

Theo- friend from preschool

Zachary-from preschool, and Cheyenne-from kindergarten

Lea-dog park friend

Claire-dog park friend
(Love the expression!)

Claire and Esther cuddling


Trying out the seat of honor

Plotting from his throne

Brookelynn (Esther's girl crush) in front; Cheyenne, Lea and E in back

Blowing out the candles!  Man, she has no problem being the center of attention.  When we all sang to her she took it all in, no embarrassment at all.  Love it.

Kelsey-from kindergarten

Bring on the presents!! Esther did very well being thankful for all her presents.  She got her first Barbie...and since it came with a bathroom set which included a toilet, E thought it was pretty cool. (I even found some old soda pop inside it a few days later, which did a good job mimicking dirty toilet water.)

This photo had to be included because it makes me laugh!

It was a monkey bean bag chair.

OK, this has nothing to do with the birthday party, but I wanted to show off the quilt I finished for a friend.  It is made out of her daughter's special baby clothes.


Anonymous said...

Looks like fun times! Huddle, you look great btw! Hope you are all feeling better soon. Neila