Tuesday, November 28, 2006

I finally finished Esther's quilt!!!

...with the help of Marilyn, Gene's mom. (Thanks Marilyn!! I couldn't have finished it with out you.)
Here's Audrey enjoying the quilt.

Apparently Sydney and Audrey approve of my first quilting attempt. After this picture was taken they took a catnap on it (hope Esther's not allergic).

This picture has lots of goodies in it...the sweater and hat were knitted by Grandma Marilyn, the two paintings were done by Karin (Stumpytown rocks!), and Grandpa Neil made the bookcase. I am surrounded by very creative people.


Anonymous said...

The quilt is beautiful. She will love it. You did a very good job, me on the other hand can only do the little quilts. You did good. love you both, Antie Tammy