Saturday, January 06, 2007

Getting to know her...

better and better everyday. I have to admit this past week has been a little overwhelming, mainly because I am with her by myself most of the day. She's all consuming which isn't unexpected it just takes some getting used to. In China, everything was new to all of us, but here she's coming into an environment that Gene and I are very used to and suddenly there's another entity among us. It's not bad just very different. Slowly, though, we're all getting used to each other and beginning to have a schedule.

She is such a sweetheart; rarely does she cry. When she does, we're now able to distinguish between her real cry and her not so real cry. She gets pretty impatient when she's hungry, and a little cranky when she's tired. When she's tired rocking her in my Grandma Everee's chair makes her go to sleep. She still sleeps through the night, and is slowly adjusting to Seattle time. She is quick to smile and laugh...which is a joy to behold and makes you feel pretty special. She talks a lot, though Gene and I haven't learned her language yet. She says "mamamamama" and "dadadadadadada" indiscriminately and only sometimes acknowledges her name (Xiaopan and Pan Pan). We try to use Esther with one of her Chinese names so she learns it. She loves anything crinkly and plastic; so far she hasn't shown any interest in stuffed animals. She loves to walk with one of us holding her hands and loves to jump around. She bites hard. She drools a lot. She hates when I try to suction her boogers out of her nose. She loves taking baths but not having her hair washed. She hates getting dressed but is adorable in her cute outfits.

You'll have to stay tuned to learn more...

She likes ice cream but it's really cold, that's why she has a slightly "ucky" face. In China they don't really give their kids cold things. About two minutes after this picture was taken she was sound asleep:

" Argh...Bart's got me. Oh wait, that's not so bad."

"Awhaa?!?" "And I'm out."


Jeff, Michelle, Spencer said...

Esther looks like she has always been there and has always known Mommy and Daddy. Give her a hug from the Greers and her lil sis Yazi.
So, when ya'll comin to Arkansas?