Monday, January 01, 2007

Happy New Year!

Well, Esther fell asleep at 11:30 pm last night and only woke up one time (at 1:30 for a bottle) and then slept til 10:15 am. So we're hoping that her clock is slowly setting itself to Seattle time. We didn't do much to ring in the New Year being new parents and all; I guess were pretty boring now.

Aunt Heidi, cousin Bela and Esther enjoying a moment:

Checking out Ray's hands:

Isn't she so cute in the hat Nana Marilyn made for her:

Being a Diva in her "limo", just like the hat from Juliet says:

The grocery store is boring:

I love to jump!!:

Mommy and Esther cleaning the kitchen floor with their pants:

"No Daddy, your not supposed to eat the lid, silly."


Anonymous said...

We're glad you are keeping up the blog. I have pictures from the airport but don't know the best way to send them to you. Unfortunately, my flash isn't working so some are pretty dark even with tweaking in Photo Shop. Suzi