Monday, April 09, 2007

Happy (day after) Easter!

Here's our sweetheart after a nap:

Enjoying the sunny day in Seattle...she's showing me a leaf:

...which she promptly ate:

Trying to follow our cat out onto the balcony:

Chilling with Daddy while he and the artists from Atomic Lead sign & draw in the new Volume 2:

Easter at Nana Marilyn & Papa Jerry's house, she was a little tentative at first but quickly warmed up:

Getting into Cousin Tommy's treats:

Enjoying a plastic egg with Cousin Mandy:

Aunt Tammy and Pan Pan:

Aunt Vivian and our cutie:

Cousin Chrissy gave Esther a special Easter mohawk:


geenpool said...

what? no photo of the combover i gave her? sigh...she's the awesome