Sunday, April 15, 2007

What to do on a cold Seattle day?

Well, my sister and I had great plans to take the kids swimming on we got everyone packed up and headed to the pool. But alas, it was closed for repair (although it was supposed to be open again on Sat). So what else could we do besides go to the local McDonald's and treat the kids to the germ-fest that is the play area. Esther, of course, wanted to join in the fun. Bela was a trooper and took her with him. He was great maneuvering her through all the tubes, netting and slides. He was exhausted afterwards but she had a blast!

Lounging on Sunday (do you like her ponytail?):


I love books...and really love kids' books! So I enrolled Esther in the Children's Book of the Month Club. Here's her backpack she got free with our first order:


Heidi said...

Love her ponytail! And I hope Gene is feeling better after the trauma of watching his little girl being dragged through the tubes.