Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Lots of pictures!!!

Caught in the act of doing something she knows she's not supposed to do...opening the toilet lid: (We do have a "child-proof" thing for the toilet, but it keeps falling off of on it's own.)

We finally made it to the pool for Esther's first swim. I think she thought it was a really big bathtub. It was fun, but Daddy couldn't join us because he just got a new tatoo. Next time.

Gardening on our patio...well, really just playing in the dirt because Mom isn't much of a gardener. I have really good intentions.

At the park, Esther's deciding if she should go down the slide or not:

This was taken after her doctor's visit...she was emotionally exhausted and fell fast asleep:

Teething has caused Pan Pan to take drastic action...chewing on Dad:

Happy girl:

Uh oh...now she's started chewing Daddy's butt:


geenpool said...

Yep, it's official...we have the cutest daughter EVER!!

Papa Jerry said...

I agree.

Heidi said...

Well, don't forget the rest of us that have the cutests daughters ever also. (huh?) Any ways, she's pretty damn cute! Thanks for not included any shots of me in the pool =).