Saturday, May 05, 2007

Seven teeth and counting...

...Pan Pan's been teething a lot (which translates to lots of drool). Her eighth tooth is trying to poke through now. I can't wait until she gets her molars, because maybe then she'll like meat. Right now she just spits it out...hey, maybe she's trying to tell me she's vegetarian.
We're having to intensify our child-proofing efforts as she's learning how to get into everything! And can I just say most child-proofing supplies are cheap and/or useless, which really irks me. What's the point of buying this stuff if Esther can get past it in two seconds flat. How long does this hyper-vigilance last? Seventeen more years?

Looking at the ducks behind Juliet's store. Gene had to hold her tight, because she really wanted in that water. It's hard to see but there's a little baby chick swimming in the water.

This was a weird caterpillar thingy that Pan Pan and her Daddy crawled through (much to the delight of Gene's knees).

Checking out Dad's new work studio...and pretending to be Pacman:

We attended an AWAA (our adoption agency) get-together today and the next few photos are of the girls. Esther played nice most of the time though she does tend to take over when she's around other little kids. She runs around like she owns the place. This is something that we'll have to work on as she gets older. Don't get me wrong, I love her strong personality but sometimes she can be a little overbearing. Daddy put the monkey on her butt.

This is Brianna, she's 5 years old. She didn't want to be photographed with her sister...only alone. Sibling rivalry starts early. She was a bit more reserved than her sister and very sweet.

On the left is her younger sister, Sheilynn (age ?), who has a personality similar to Esther's (social/outgoing). To the right is Kaylyn (sp?) who is two and a half. She is quiet and gentle.


Anonymous said...

Hyper-vigilance never ends. After they leave home, you just have to keep it inside. Nice glasses, Dad. We can't wait to see the pix from your first Mother's Day, Huddle!

Brook said...

Hey, at least the fact that she's getting through the childproofing stuff means she's learning! :)