Wednesday, June 20, 2007

This week Pan Pan got her first haircut...

Pre-haircut, looking so sweet:

Still pre-cut, eating ice cream with Dad, right out of the box. Life is good.

OK, here's the historic photo!!! You would have thought she was getting a shot or something. She was not a happy camper, but the stylist did a really good job considering.

Happy at home...after her bath:

Thanks, Suzi!!! She painted a portrait of Esther for us, and Esther thinks it's pretty cool (and so do we). Pan Pan knows it's a picture of her. She points at it, smiles and says, "la, la" which seems to be her word for herself.

Climbin' on "her" chair...apparently she's decided it's her newest plaything:

Picture of her new 'do (look at that neck!):

Swimming with her Daddy:


Anonymous said...

She is cute.I like la la. Suzi

Anonymous said...

Suzi - you did a fantastic job! Looks just like our girl. Can't wait to see her and smoochy on that pretty neck.
Nana Marilyn