Friday, June 01, 2007

OK, let's try this post again...

I was having difficulties yesterday posting, due to user issues. I kept accidentally erasing pictures which frustrated me so much I had to turn my computer off for the night. Today, I am not so frustrated but some of the pictures aren't in exact chronological order. Hey, deal with it.

Yesterday, I was cleaning our apartment for today's visit with our social worker (for our 6 month post placement report), and I realized that I hadn't heard a peep out of my daughter for a while. So I went searching for her (luckily our apartment's not big so it didn't take long) and here's what I found (below). She had managed to climb up into her stroller that was parked in her closet and was happily playing on the seat. She entertained herself like this for a good fifteen minutes (which in Pan Pan time equals an hour):

If you've seen Will Farrell's video about the landlady, here's our reenactment:
We went to Woodland Park Zoo last weekend with my sister, her two kids and my mom. Here's Pan Pan at the butterfly exhibit (doesn't she make a cute insect?):

Cousin Halie (she makes a pretty cute bug, too, that's why we call her Haliebug):

Cousin Bela (ok, Halie, you're right...your brother is very photogenic):

Outta the way, expert walker coming through:

"Uhhh, no, I wasn't about to climb up on my toy, mom. I just needed to rest my stomach for a while." (Climbing is Esther's newest love.)

"No, I don't think I need a nap...I'm not tired at all."


Heidi said...

Butterfly Pan Pan is so flippin adorable! hee hee, that's one of my favs of her ever!