Friday, September 28, 2007

The Red Thread is alive and well...

Can you recognize Esther? (hint: dark green sweater) Can I just say, I love the internet and message boards and blogs!!! I belong to several online adoption groups, one happens to be the Guiping girls group and this picture was published there. Thanks to Neila (fellow traveler in our great adventure) for seeing the pictures and forwarding them on. Wow, what an amazing blessing to get a little glimpse into our daughter's life before us. I also need to thank the with-it moms who actually sent a care package to their daughters at the orphanage with a disposable camera in it. I didn't send one and really regret it (read: feel like a bad mom).

Anyway, my daughter's life now is very well documented. (Can you tell I need a little encouragement?) Here is her first ever shopping cart car ride. She doesn't look too sure in this picture but she absolutely loved it! She would steer and honk the horn, and wasn't very happy with us when she had to get out.

"Beep, beep! Dad, get outta the way!"

Two things amuse me about this picture, first: she looks like an adorable shaggy dog, second: she wanted to wear her "dressy" shoes with her PJ's.

"If I could see I would find the ice cream that's supposed to go on this cone."

Don't they look so comfy? Dad's resting his head on the stairs and Esther is laying on the new security gate. My family is weird.

Practicing her opera. (Ignore the filthy mirror.)


Ladyblog said...

I am SOOOOOO glad that I found you and was able to send you these precious pictures of your daughter. Imagine how many pictures our daughters are in that we have never seen. I wish everyone on the group would post theirs...
Maybe someday we can have a Guiping Girls reunion.
~Rebecca (mom to the baby in pink)

shelley said...

What a precious gift. We DID send a care package, but received nothing back...hmmmmm. One of our travelers got her camera back and their were pictures of our precious girl on them. I think they are nice to have if our girls should ask questions about their time in the orphanage.

TEE HEE...Claire loves to wear dressy shoes with everything!!!