Saturday, November 10, 2007

Lazy Saturday...

...just chillin' with the family today. Nothing scheduled, nothing planned, just hanging out. (Surprise, surprise, right Kristina?)Coloring is fun. (Especially for Mom, because these markers only write on "special" paper! Don't you love these new fangled things?)

So intense. She really loves the "bay-loo" crayon.

Live action coloring...sorry, it's rather long but if you're like her Dad and I, you don't mind watching Esther for hours on end.


Anonymous said...

Not surprised at all! thanks for the mention in your blog! ha ha. Absolutely loved the video. Hilarious. Sydney, too. How much fun you are having. lv, AK.

Heidi said...

wiggle wiggle wiggle stop
daaa doooo daaaa doooo

give esther a big smootchie from her auntie heidi

Anonymous said...

Wow, Esther is beautiful! And smart too:). It is wonderful to see all the girls growing and changing so much. Allie is giggling her head off watching Little Bear on tv as I type. Hard to believe it's been a year since we were going nuts over a picture and travel plans!! I want to go eat breakfast at the China Marriott!

Anonymous said...

Hey - I don't think the video was nearly long enough!

Kiss that wiggly girl for Nana and Papa!