Wednesday, November 21, 2007

okay, Joe, this one's for you....

okay Joe, here's the vider....along with her being awesome....and she is teh awesome, let me tell you. Every day is more awesomer than the last...and that is good English...just deal. Anyhoo, let me just tell you, Esther is the coolest. She does the cutes peekaboo, and her kisses are heart melting. And her farts smell of elderberries...yes, mom, i said should try it's liberating. anyway...this is Gene, if you couldn't tell. enjoy the video, and feel free to comment...but only sweet, good comments, cuz if i see any bad comments, then I'll cry and nobody wants that. Trust me. have fun.


brook said...




Hehehe.. that made me giggle. Very cute, Gene. She obviously gets that from Huddle. :P

We are Greers said...

Ya see, Gene, if you start somethin', then they want to keep going and going and going. I strap Yazi to the dog's back and give her a hot iron...hours of enjoyment. Esther is beautiful

Jeff and Michelle Greer