Thursday, April 10, 2008

Wow, I guess it's time to update the blog.

Anything that involves dirt is always fun.

Esther helped Mommy replant some flowers. Sydney, the cat, supervised (like always).
After I put Esther down for a nap, this is what I found. They were staring longingly out at our deck.
Soup is good.
E's figured out that Sydney will chase her if she has rope or string.
Esther loves jumping and thinks the trampoline is the best thing ever. So we caught her on video. We've also found in the last few weeks, Esther can't say certain words without making them sound like she's swearing. It is very adolescent of us to laugh at this and I would like to blame it all on Gene, but I have to admit I find this just as funny as he does. We don't swear in our house, I promise. Well, except for the occasional one that has slipped out in times of pain or distress but they aren't as shocking as the one Esther says for "funky", "fork", and "frog". If you need help figuring out which word she replaces these with, it starts with an f and has four letters. Still confused? Watch and learn.