Thursday, April 24, 2008

My little Houdini

Recently, it seems half the time I get Esther up in the morning or from a nap, I find her naked...completely stark naked. I've tried everything to at least keep a diaper on her. I've tried putting the diaper on backwards so she can't undo the tabs. I've tried putting onesies on underneath her pajamas. I've tried different kind of no avail. Our girl is too smart for me. Most of the time she's soaking wet as well (luckily that's all she is). Do you know where I can purchase a straight-jacket? Or maybe I could try duct taping her diaper to her.
"Look, Mom, the sun's out."

Esther let me dress her in her tutu. She wore it for a little while....

...but then wanted it off.

We visited with Jen, Adam and Ivy this weekend. Ivy has a big girl bed, and Esther decided she liked it. As you can see, she made herself at home.
Ivy and Esther both love "Choo Choo Soul"! Here they are watching one of the videos.
Who needs water to enjoy a bath?


Anonymous said...

Cute Kid. Suzi

Anonymous said...


Remove the snaps on her pajamas and add buttons.

Mookimoo Sleepwear said...

My husband and I just created sleepwear to address this normal phase of toddler development. You can find us at Good luck with that cutie.