Sunday, May 25, 2008

Snow boots, PJ's, Nana, and a birthday wish....

A taste of Esther's fashion sense: wearing Mommy's snow boots with her summer dress.
Esther interpretation of Mr. Potatohead.
Hallelujah! We found PJ's that Esther cannot remove...well actually they found us. Mookimoo commented on our blog and told us what they had created: PJ's that zip up in the back. Awesome! So I ordered two and they work! No naked girl (unless we want her to be) and no wet crib.
Here's the back. If she figures out how to get out of this, I give up. Esther's too smart for me.
Nana Marilyn came and stayed the night with us on Saturday. And Esther had a blast! She even cried when she left. Nana watched E while Gene and I had a see "Indiana Jones". (Thanks Marilyn!)****************************************************************************** This video is a birthday wish for my sister, Heidi. She moved to Alaska in December and we miss her. Sorry for the shakiness of the camera...Esther was trying to grab it out of my hands. As you'll hear, "Tommy" or "Thomas" is much easier for E to say than "Bela" or "Halie" because she loves Thomas the Tank Engine. Hope Heidi can see this all the way up there.


Anonymous said...

I like the PJ's

Heidi said...

we are all in tears, i'm showing it to everyone up here! she's so beautiful! bela says he loves her voice. we miss you guys so much and can't wait to see you all.

love, auntie heidi, bela, halie, and thomas