Friday, May 02, 2008

Our little cuddlebug

Esther has had a breakthrough on the listening front. This has made clean up so much easier. She will actually help clean up fairly eagerly now. She knows where her things are supposed to go and likes to put them in their places.
Another new thing she's started doing is shouting "MAMA" at me if I'm not paying attention to her when she wants me to. Not in a snotty way, just louder. I know this may quickly become annoying but right now it makes me laugh.
She's also becoming more cuddly. Up until now, the only time she would let us cuddle her was at bedtime or before nap time. But recently she's wanted to be hugged on at different times during the day, she will even lay her head on our shoulders and stay that way for a while. Or to sit on our lap quietly, which is huge for our ever-busy daughter. These small tokens of her affection of course melt our hearts every time.
Apparently Mr. Potatohead's arm tastes yummy.
Showing mommy how it's done.

The last few weeks the weather has been very sporadic. So trying to "catch" the sun is a challenge. However, when we can, we try to make it to the park right near our apartment.
No kids around on this day, but E made the most of it anyway.

She's becoming very agile on the playground.
And adventurous.
This is a very high slide, and Esther made me very nervous. But she made it down safe and sound.


Anonymous said...

You guys don't stand a chance against her if she becomes cuddley. She had you outnumbered before.

Anonymous said...

Your dad is so right. It is also a very good sign she is bonding and that is a huge thing for her future emotional well being!


King said...

Hi just want to wish you a very happy mother day.