Monday, June 16, 2008

Bungee cords, condo-hunting, and of course Father's Day!

I've fallen in love with bungee cords. They are not very attractive but boy are the functional. They've come in handy so many ways. Exhibit A: as a halter for a drum.

Exhibit B: as a way to thwart my smart daughter from getting into or climbing on the dishwasher. However, she still figured out that she could use her drum as a stool.

We've been house-hunting the last few days, well, really condo-hunting, which has been so fun. Esther even enjoyed the experience. We love our realtor; if you need a good one in the Seattle area let me know.
Esther loved running around the open spaces and trying all the doors and closets. We have an offer out there, so we'll keep you posted.
Our realtor had a minivan that had "magic" doors which opened by remote. E loved driving in it and even Gene enjoyed all of it's gadgets. By the end of day two, Esther was a little tired of house-hunting.
Loungin' with Daddy after a busy day.
I just love her little feet in her flip flops!


geenpool said...

If I wasn't so manly and tough, I'd by crying...thanks baby.

W&M&M Davis said...

The bungee on the dishwasher - I love it! How to keep one step ahead of your kid . . .